Watch Styler App updated to version 1.0.05, shows better Compatibility with Gear S

Watch Styler, the app for watch faces on the Samsung Gear S, has been updated to version 1.0.05. Seems to have some bug fixes for our Tizen Smart watch.
Dec 12, 2014

Watch Styler, the Android application that lets you design your own watch faces, has had an update to version 1.0.05. There is no Change log for this version, but through our testing it does seem to offer better compatibility with the Gear S, letting you install previously un-installable clock / watch faces.

How to Update

  • Launch the Samsung Gear application
  • Scroll and Select Samsung Gear Apps
  • Select Options (three lines on the top left)
  • Select Purchased
  • Select Update next to the Watch Styler App


What can you do?

  • Change the watch background. 10 sample pictures are included, but you can use your picture gallery, camera and you can also use a palette of solid colours
  • Create Analog or Digital clocks with the ability of changing the frames and clocks style, as well as the colour!
  • Support time in 200 cities around the world as a dual clock.


Watch-styler-update-Version-1-05-1 Watch-styler-update-Version-1-05-2


You can also follow our Instructions for getting more watch faces working with the Gear S. Also let us know your experiences with this app in the comments. Thanks.

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5 comments on “Watch Styler App updated to version 1.0.05, shows better Compatibility with Gear S”

  1. I have used this great app to create many great watch faces on my Gear S. However, I have some issues and some suggestions for improvements. How to get in contact with the developer?
    Thanks, Bjorn

  2. Is this app still available? I could not find it in Googl's app store or Samsung's. As a matter of fact, i was unable to find any styler for the Gear S. It would be very helpful if you could post a link to the app download page (if it is still available) here.

    Thank you.

  3. Where can I download Watch Styler for Gear S? It's a real disappointment to hinder the potentials of such power the S6 and GS have. PLS help!!

  4. Sorry but this is bs as on samsung apps if you type in watch styler you can read everyone's comments to why this "AMAZING" app doesn't work. It states it downloaded but keeps on downloading. Once uploaded it doesn't upload your design to the wearable. Complete waste of time.


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