[Application] Listonic – Grocery Shopping Tips, Improve the way you buy, cook & use your favorite foods



Make the most out of your groceries!

Listonic that is designed as a food advisor that makes your shopping and cooking easier, and that’s all from the comfort of your wrist

How it works

The idea is that you simply search for any type of food and then cook your favorite groceries. You can also add any of the products to your Listonic The Smart Shopping List.

Notable features

  • Unique database of nearly 1000 food tips & hacks (constantly updated)
  • Quick search, with indexed list
  • Quick & user-friendly
  • Elegant design matching Listonic apps & website
  • Runs on Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Gear 2 & Galaxy Gear S
  • Integrated with Listonic The Smart Shopping List (synchronizes with shopping lists)
  • You can quickly add products directly to your shopping list
  • Works offline






Things to come