[Developer] Tizen Community Meeting at FOSDEM 2015

FOSDEM 2015 is a great Free Software and OpenSource event, and so this will be a great place to have a Tizen Community Meeting. Join the Tizen Experts team.
Phil C
Jan 22, 2015


Tizen at FOSEDEM 2015

FOSDEM is one of the most famous Free Software and OpenSource events and it is about to happen in Belgium at the usual place ( 31 Jan & 1 Feb at ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium).


Like previous edition you can expect to see some presentations about Tizen project and other related projects. Before listing all interesting topics, let's announce that we'll try to set up a meeting on Saturday evening in Brussels.

If you're interested please tell us by using this form:

Organisation is still in progress and we're open to any suggestion.

The place will be open to anyone, but each participant will have to pay his dinner... Remember this is a community event, so sorry there is no free beer but unlimited free speech !

If there is something you want to show tell us we’ll arrange that, also feel free to ask question to some Tizen developers and community contributors we’ll do our best to make that dinner enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t repeat to internetz but we can reveal that a Tizen reference device will be given away to lucky one, maybe some other surprise could happen too.

Please use this page as entry point, it will be updated in real time :

Don't miss those Tizen specific tracks :

And or course core technologies used by Tizen project : /,_2015_edition/

Those lectures may also help Tizen community projects :

Don’t miss brotherhood projects :

And for the curious ones here are more or less related talks :

But We're sure there are many awesome interesting things,but you can't be everywhere every time, so you have to find the most appropriate combination among those 549 tracks.

Copyleft: CC-BY-SA ~pcl

Tizen Community Meeting at FOSDEM 2015


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