Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.15011799, Does it fix your Problem?

Samsung Gear Manager application has been updated to version 2.2.15011799. Does it resolve “Unfortunately, Gear Plugin has stopped” problem? Need a fix?
Jan 20, 2015


Gear Manager update

The Samsung Gear Manager application has been updated to version 2.2.15011799 today, and we are hoping it resolves some issues people are facing like the “Unfortunately, Gear Plugin has stopped” message. I did have an issue with Gear Manager disconnecting from the Gear Smartwatch when checking for a firmware update previously, which this update resolves, so that is definitely a step in the right direction.


Below are the most notable of changes that I can see from the update. There are probably lots more under the hood.

  • The Application icons are now a little bit smaller
  • Master slide switch to switch all notifications options to off
  • List view for notifications
  • Notification type can be set as Mini popup or Full screen pop-up
  • Auto call forwarding displays forwarding number


Manual Update

If you have not got a notification to update your Gear Manager App then you can manually update it via Samsung Galaxy Apps.

  • Launch Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select top left hand side menu button
  • Select purchased
  • Select the Gear Manager application to update
  • Press Update


Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-1-1 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-3-3

Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-2-2 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-7-7

Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-4-4 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-5-5 Samsung-Gear-Manager-Updated-Tizen-Experts-6-6


If you have updated to this version and are still having issues, you can install an old gear manager version manually until the next Gear Manager update.


Manual Gear Manager Fix

How is this update for you? Let us know in the comments.

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6 comments on “Gear Manager updated to version 2.2.15011799, Does it fix your Problem?”

  1. Hi I still have the same issue with the gear manager. Downloading additional software still only at 99%. Do you know why? Thanks in advance!


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