Gen-2 SmartThings hub will run Tizen

The Gen-2 SmartThings hub will be running the Linux based Operating System Tizen, as well as new new sensors, battery backup, optional cellular, and premium services
Jan 14, 2015

The SmartThings hub was a great home automation hub, and now it is time for the next version, the upgraded model with new new sensors, battery backup, optional cellular, and premium services ... oh and it will be running Tizen.

When Samsung first acquired SmartThings, the company told of its plans to move from an embedded RTOS (real-time operating system) to Linux, which we hoped at the time was Tizen as it kinda made sense at the time. Now a SmartThings rep has told LinuxGizomos that “We will be moving to Tizen over time.”

SmartThings enjoys the support of an open development environment with more than 1,000 devices and 8,000 apps that have been created by the SmartThings community, and this openness will continue under Samsung, as stated by CEO BK Yoon CES Keynote “Our IoT components and devices will be open.”

The hub will also extend the number of devices it will Integrate with as Netgear and D-Link cameras, Somfy window shades, the Racchio water irrigation system, Chamberlain garage door openers, August locks, and Weather bug climate data devices climb aboard. A Samsung Gear S Smartwatch app will also launch soon that lets you control devices through it, neat!

The Gen-2 will ship in April 2015, pricing has not been announced.


Further information

SmartThings blog announcement.

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