Good news, Some Samsung 2014 TVs to be upgradeable to Tizen

Samsung 2014 TVs models H7150, H8000, HU8550 and HU9000 will be upgradable to the new Tizen Operating System. 2013 and 2012 range will not be so lucky.
Jan 8, 2015

Samsung's new 2015 lineup of TVs will run Tizen and the company does not have any plans to make any Google Android TVs, which is great news for the OS and its ecosystem as its far better to focus all your resources in one direction, and Tizen is a good direction for that. Tizen TV brings some great features to users including the ability to watch live TV on their mobile devices whilst connected to their home network, even if the TV if OFF.

Since the news we have had numerous requests from readers asking if their older Samsung TVs will be upgradable to Tizen? Samsung has previously made claims that its older TVs were "future proof" via an Evolution Kit that allows the users to swap out a box that is attached to the TV opposed to replacing the whole TV set.

Joe Stinziano, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics America, said on Monday that there would not be an Over The Air (OTA) update for its TVs. Many saw this news as existing Samsung TVs would not be upgraded to Tizen.

Samsung have now stated that their 2014 TVs H7150, H8000, HU8550 and HU9000 will be upgradable to Tizen after the purchase of an Evolution kit. For owners of 4K/Ultra High Definition TV owners, Samsung will offer a One Connect Box that will update the software,HDMI and other major components. Owners of older 2013 and 2012 TVs will not be upgradable to Tizen, but Samsung will keep providing updates and supporting their existing apps.

Pricing of the Evolution kits has not been announced but as a guide last year's Evolution Kits cost $300.

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