The Intel Tizen Compute Stick?

The Intel Computer Stick is a portable computing device that can run either Windows or Linux. Well, if it's linux then lets make it run Tizen then.Click now
Jan 14, 2015


The Ultra Portable Computer

The Intel Compute Stick is a new generation portable computing device that is just four inches long, but houses a quad-core Intel Atom processor, WiFi, on-board storage, and a micro SD card slot. The idea is that you get performance, quality, and value with Pre-installed Windows 8.1* or Linux.


So who wants Windows? Yes, no one, or none of us at least. Now what about Linux? Well you have your standard linux distributions like Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora etc, but how about Tizen? There are some people in the Tizen mailing lists that think it is a good idea and want Tizen running on this target device. Now we need to overcome the usual device drivers , but also Tizen doesn't have a desktop User Interface (UI) that we can use, at the moment.

If you think you can help, then head on over to the mailing lists and see where your skills can fit in this project. The IntelĀ® Compute Stick launches later in 2015 when we will have more information on specifications and price.


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