Major new update for the Samsung NX1 firmware version 1.2 on the way with loads of user requests loaded

A major firmware version 1.2 update for the TIzen based Samsung NX1 is on the way with loads of photographer requests loaded. Video is getting a major bump.
Jan 8, 2015

Some hot news of the press (sort of) for Samsung NX1 Smart camera owners or prospective owners. Samsung are currently preparing the release of a new firmware that contains user feature requests.

The new firmware is said to be version 1.2 and is currently installed on NX1s at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and also in the possession of the imaging resource website that has provided this infomation.



The major upgrade in this update are in the video department, with significantly features for pros like the possibility for the NX1 to output free-run timecode, two new gamma modes, adjust audio levels while recording, control ISO while recording, frame rate for UHD & FHD and loads more.

There is just too much to cover with regards to the improvements, so please head on over to

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