Round face Samsung Tizen Smart watch could be heading to MWC 2015? codename Orbis SM-R720

A Samsung Tizen Smartwatch code named Orbit SM-R720 could be heading to MWC 2015. This one is different as it has a round face and input mechanism #MWC2015
Jan 9, 2015

Samsung has been spoiling us with their Tizen based Smart watches of late, and all of them have been sporting a square face, well that is upto now, as Sammobile reports that there is a Round face Tizen based Smart watch in the works. The upcoming Smart watch has the codename 'Orbis' and a model number SM-R720. Orbis does sound a bit orbital / round to me.


We have previously covered Samsung patents of a ring User Interface that could suit many with a rotary input mechanism. The rumoured unveil date is for Mobile World Congress 2015 which kicks off on 2 March, so we haven't got long to go at all.

Hopefully we will see a Mobile World Congress with a Tizen TV, Tizen Smartphone and now a Tizen Smartwatch unviel, and of course Tizen Cameras, alongside Tizen partners exhibiting their products .... oh I'm feeling all tingly now !!!!

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