[Picture] Test Model of Samsung Galaxy S5 running Tizen ?

We have a picture of a test Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone apparently running Tizen. Now we wait for the Tizen TV to be launched, and the Samsung Z1 later.
Jan 5, 2015

As we wait for the launch of the Samsung Tizen TV at CES tomorrow, and then hopefully the Samsung Z1 later this month, we have a little bit of news to keep our minds occupied. Apparently the website have got an anonymous email with some pictures of what they claim to be a test phone that is a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Tizen running on it.


This seems to be a shipment going into India from South Korea dated 28 June 2014, so its a bit difficult to track down now, but anything might have been possible WAY back then when for a fleeting moment we did actually entertain the idea of a Samsung S5 running Tizen, oh how it is to be young !!!!

A S5 running Tizen would still be an Interesting proposition as the hardware is still fairly current and the developer community would certainly pounce on it, but we do not know what Samsung's plans are this year for their Tizen Smartphones, yet!

Excuse me, back to the waiting ......

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2 comments on “[Picture] Test Model of Samsung Galaxy S5 running Tizen ?”

  1. if samsung can port tizen to s5 and then why do they stop there? just release tizen image for s5 to open source community and then samsung will see the impact.
    perhaps make a port for galaxy note line and galaxy s line series.. but what i'm seem this just dreaming only because samsung is not truly open source friendly.. they are dictator!


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