Samsung Gear 2 / Neo Firmware Update

There is some good news for Tizen Gear 2 / Neo Smartwatch users as their wrist tech gets a firmware / software update that takes them to version R380XXU0BNL2 / R381XXU0BNL2 respectively. The 19.18Mb update seems to mainly improve the speed of the User Interface.

Samsung-Gear-2-Software-Update-Tizen-Experts-1 Samsung-Gear-2-Software-Update-Tizen-Experts-2

Samsung-Gear-2-Software-Update-Tizen-Experts-4 Samsung-Gear-2-Software-Update-Tizen-Experts-3


How to update

  • Launch Samsung Gear Manager
  • Select your Smartwatch from the top of the list
  • Select Software Update
  • Select Update Now
  • Follow prompts

Thanks to henklbr for the tip.