Samsung NX1 firmware 1.20 feature list - Download coming soon

The feature list for the next firmware, version 1.20, for the Samsung NX1 Smart camera has been released. Download should be with us soon #Photography
Jan 14, 2015

We were expecting firmware 1.20 to drop for the Samsung X1 Compact Systems Camera (CSC), and today it is available to download . You get more precision and speed with Key enhancements to movie functions, controls, the user interface and wireless capabilities.

One of the most sought after features was the ability to adjust audio levels whilst recording video, and also control ISO. The NX1’s Interface has been updated making it easier to navigate the different menus. Another useful features is being able to activate Bluetooth as a remote trigger.

One update that I have been looking forward to in particular has been 'Trap Shot', where a moving object crosses a set line and it takes a shot, as can be seen in the video below:


Firmware Features

Updated Features

I. Movie Mode Refinements

1. Users can now adjust audio levels while recording video

2. Users can now control ISO while recording video

3. 23.98 and 24 frame per second rates now available for UHD & FHD

4. Pro Quality mode added to Full HD
a. Previously only HD and Normal were provided for FHD

5. Display marker enhancements
a. Gridlines and center marker overlays in movie mode are now visible
b. Added 4:3 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio markers
c. Added Action-safe area marker option

6. The Samsung NX1 now supports Time Code through HDMI for use when using an
external recorder such as the ATOMOS Shogun
a. ‘Free Run’ time code supported
b. Time Code not supported for internal recording

7. Two Gamma modes now provided for more control of aesthetic look of footage
a. C Gamma mode is a preset logarithmic color setting designed to deliver higher overall
b. D Gamma is a preset logarithmic color setting designed to capture a wider tonal range
for increased dynamic range

     Both gamma modes are designed for a more cinematic look

8. Master Black Level Control
a. Users can now control dark level gamma
b. 31 levels:  -15 ― +15

9. Three luminance level options are now provided
a. [0-255], [16-235], [16-255]

10. AF speed control implemented for more cinematic autofocus control
a. User can now select one of three AF speeds

11. Added AF responsiveness control
a. This is a new AF feature for controlling continuous AF behavior when tracking focus on a
moving subject
b. User can select from five different speeds to control how quick the camera will refocus
and begin tracking a new subject if something comes in-between the camera and the
original subject being tracked

12. Can now capture stills from a specific video frame in playback mode
a. Added control for seeking specific frame to grab from video
b. Users can select by individual frame in the forward direction
c. If seeking in the backward direction frames within a half-second are selectable

II. Physical User Interface

1. Added Autofocus Lock (AFL) to movie mode
       a.  Users can now set the AEL button to lock focus in Movie mode

2. Auto Focus/ Manual Focus Toggling to movie mode
a. Users can now set the AF ON button to toggle between auto focus and manual focus during recording

3. Customizable physical user interface refinements
a. Reverse the functions of the Mobile Button and the Record button
b. Reverse the functions of the AF On button and the AEL button
c. Reverse the direction of the Command dials based on preference
d. Additional customization options to the functions of the command dials when in P/A /S/M
e. Customize the Optical Preview and Delete buttons with a different function

III. Wireless

1. Bluetooth Remote – Can now use Bluetooth as simple remote trigger
Speeds up and simplifies using a smart device as remote control

a. The Samsung Camera Manager App now provides the ability to trigger the shutter
release / video start/stop from a smart device using Bluetooth as opposed to Wi-Fi
b. User can choose 'Quick transfer' which will send a QVGA still to the smartphone after it’s

2. The Samsung NX1 can now store multiple paired Smart devices
a. If a user has multiple smart devices, they only need to register them with the camera
once to store them
b. For example, users do not have to re-register devices when shifting from a phone to a

3. Added wireless firmware updating
a. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the camera will notify users if a new firmware
version is available, and will allow them to download and install the update wirelessly

IV. Others

1. “Trap Shot” feature added to Samsung Auto Shot mode
a. Allows users to adjust the guide line so that when a moving object hits it, the camera will
automatically take a picture

2. PC tethering implemented
a. Using Samsung Remote Studio software, the Samsung NX1 now supports tethered shooting via
b. Windows PC only

     Samsung Remote Studio Software will be available via Samsung iLauncher

3. Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows PC
a. Samsung will provide an SDK for Windows allowing developers to make remote access
and control software for the Samsung NX1

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