Samsung’s upcoming round smartwatch will also feature wireless charging

Another bit of news for you regarding the upcoming Samsung Tizen based Smartwatch, codenamed Orbis SM-R720 expected at MWC 2015, wireless charging !!!
Jan 19, 2015

Smartwatches are a fantastic bit of kit. You can check your notifications and also run applications directly from your wrist, which can be useful when you have a Samsung Note 4 and would rather leave that in your pocket. So far all the Samsung Smartwatches that have been released require a cradle in order for them to charge, and even though the cradles are not too hard to use, they can be seen as a bit of a hassle, after all aren't all premium devices heading towards having charging capabilities?

We previously covered about the upcoming Samsung round watch SM-R720, codenamed Orbis, and now it looks like we will also see wireless charging being shown off at Mobile World Congress 2015 next month, thanks to whispers heard by Sammobile. Nothing is definite at the moment, and hopefully we will see what MWC 2015 has on offer.


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