Skype group video calling now available for Samsung 2014 TVs, No news on Tizen yet

Skype has announced today that their group video calling service will available to download on Samsung 2014 series TVs. Their is no news on Tizen at the moment.
Jan 16, 2015

After Microsoft bought Skype we weren't sure if they would let everyone else play with their new expensive toy or if they would keep it as a Microsoft platform only messaging app. Well we shouldn't of feared too much as they made their group video calling feature free on the Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One in April 2014.

Today Skype 4.0 has been announced for the TV, which will allow free group video calling on your 2014 Samsung Smart TV with built-in camera. Users will be able to talk naturally and see each other in full HD (1080p).



This has all come about from what Skype calls a "close partnership" with Samsung in order to transform your smart TV into a communication hub. There is no news at the moment for Skype on Samsung's 2015 / Tizen TVs at the moment, but it would be natural for the collaboration between the two companies to continue to the 2015 lineup.

Samsung 2014 TV owners can download the App today from the Samsung Smart TV App Store by searching for Skype.

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