[Video] Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1 - Time Lapse and Auto Shot Features

The Tizen based Samsung NX1 is a tremendous smart camera with 4K video recording capabilities with Time Lapse and Auto Shot features. Check out the videos.
Jan 7, 2015

If you are a fan of Time Lapse photography or even if your not, the Tizen based Samsung NX1 helps you record unbelievable footage as you can see from the videos below. Iceland's Natural wonders can be seen, and almost touched through the imagery of the NX1.



If seeing the Iceland shots wasn't enough, check out the following video to see Samsung Auto Shot at work. This predictive algorithm is used to track the subjects movement and automatically trigger the shutter. With Samsung Auto Shot you can make sure you capture the EXACT image that you want by using by defining your triggers.



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