Why Tizen? Tizen in the Big Picture

Why Tizen? Samsung are pouring in a lot of resources to develop their Internet of Things devices on the Tizen Linux based OS that is great for developers
Jan 15, 2015

We have recently had the release of the Samsung Tizen TV, quickly followed by the Samsung Z1 as the first Tizen Smartphone to be released, and now there are rumours of a round face smartwatch being unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. What next? According to Samsung's blog they are looking at Introducing a flood of devices, their choice of words! More wearables, cameras, Smart TVs throughout 2015, but this is the top of the ice berg.

Tizen is an important part Samsung's Internet of things (IoT) strategy as BK Yoon, the company’s CEO, highlighted at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that all Samsung devices will be IoT-ready in five years. We know that many of these devices will be running Tizen and with over 665 million devices last year alone, that will be a lot of Tizen Linux devices.

But, why Tizen?

One of the benefits of Tizen to Samsung, and to other manufacturers that decide to embrace the Open Source operating system, is that it is “lighter” than other operating systems. It will therefore require less processing power and memory, resulting in a smoother user experience and better battery life, which is appealing to just about everyone.

Tizen can be made to fit across different devices in the IoT space as is can run as an embedded system. Developers are welcome to download the SDK and bring their applications to a new ecosystem. Below is a demonstration of Portable Web Apps. You can develop your application targeting a particular device, and then with some simple tweaks to the CSS code, it can run on another completely different Tizen platform. Magic.


Is your App ready for Tizen? Join us.

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