[Video] Animated Matrix and Big Neon Clock Watch Faces for the Samsung Gear S

Check out these Animated watch faces for your Tizen Samsung Gear S. There is a Matrix and Big Neon Clock for your viewing pleasure. Videos after the jump.
Jan 10, 2015


Time to enter the Matrix

Belvik, the company behind quite a few Interesting / Exciting watch face has enter another phase or entered the matrix should I say with their new face for the Tizen Samsung Gear S.

This amazing matrix face offers shortcuts for quick access to the three most used apps on the watch, which you can easily change. You can also check your Gear 2 battery status at a glimpse.

You are able to change the color, adjust the matrix symbols type, speed and overall look. You can do this by double tapping on the screen.


  • Changeable matrix color
  • Changeable clock color
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Changeable Shortcuts
  • Changeable matrix symbols
  • Images as matrix symbols
  • Choose symbols size
  • Rainbow matrix
  • 4 languages support (English, German, Russian, Bulgarian)
  • Show free space
  • Battery indicator
  • Control Matrix speed
  • Wallpaper from Matrix - Take snapshot of the matrix and set it as wallpaper!
  • !!! Default digital clock on wrist up disappears after less than a second. When you lift your arm to




Big Neon Clock

You want something big? Something Neon? Something to really stand out at night? Look no further, BIG NEON CLOCK IS HERE !!!!

To get into settings, just double tap on the screen:

  • Change Neon Color
  • Change Text Color
  • Switch between 12-24 hour mode


You have 4 different indicators that show in the status bar:

  • Battery indicator in % and with icon, showing you how much battery you have left
  • Bluetooth indicator showing you whether your watch is connected to the phone
  • WiFi indicator showing you whether your WiFi is ON or OFF
  • Notification indicator showing you how many new notifications you've got
  • Battery optimized!




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