[Video] BMW i Remote App for Samsung Gear S at CES 2015

Video: CES 2015 Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President BMW Group, showed off the BMW i Remote App for the Tizen based Samsung Gear S and connected drive
Jan 8, 2015

The Samsung Gear S smartwatch app "BMW i Remote" earned a prize in the “Software and Mobile Apps” category at the CES Innovation Awards in New York in November 2014, and therefore making it one of the global front-runners in mobile apps.

With the BMW i Remote App you can connect to you BMW car via your wristwatch and access real time status information, for example for the BMW i3, it displays time as well as electric range available, the battery charge level and whilst charging the estimated time remaining to completion. You can check the status of your doors and windows without the need to return to your car.

For routing you can conveniently send an address that is stored in your contacts on the Gear S directly to the car via the Send address functionality "send to vehicle". Having your car either pre-heated or pre-cooled depending on your climate can also be a great feature and this is activated with "perform now".




At the CES 2015 Samsung keynote Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President BMW Group Electrics / Electronics & Driver Environment, showed off BMW Connected Drive and you can see it in the video below:


BMW IoT Collaboration


More Information on Coonected Drive in the following BMW promotional video:


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