[Video] CES 2015 Keynote Address by Samsung's CEO BK Yoon

If you missed the Samsung CEO BK Yoon Keynote at CES 2015, then worry not as Tizen Experts has got you covered. Click and watch now for Samsung's IoT vision
Jan 7, 2015

If you happened to miss the Keynote Address by BK Yoon at CES 2015, then don't worry, we all live busy lives and we at Tizen Experts have got you covered, and you can find the Video below for your viewing pleasure.

In the keynote Mr. Yoon discusses the direction that Samsung has to take with regards to being an Open Ecosystem and collaborative company, that reaches across Industries with Samsung playing a leading role in shaping its future. The Internet of Things (IoT) experience can only succeed if all devices and sensors can work together across operating system and manufacturers. IoT needs sensors and connectivity to sense the environment for the data to be shared and analysed.

In 2017 Samsung sees 90% of all of their devices being IoT devices and that includes all TVs and mobile devices, 100% will be IoT in 5 years. The vision for the Samsung Smart TV is that it will act as an IoT hub for the smart home of the future.

The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great opportunity for application and hardware manufacturers alike and this is when we have to work more in the open in the spirit of collaboration. We hope to see more of Tizen's own products to be powered by Tizen, but Mr. Yoon did not go into the details about Tizen.


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  1. Still waiting for the Samsung Z1, hopefully they will release this time, can't wait to get one, and hope that i can somehow order it from India eBay if it release.


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