[Video] Demo of PlayStation Now SmartTV App on Tizen

Samsung Tizen 2015 Smart TVs will have Sony PlayStation Now as the SmartTv App will come pre-installed, stream PlayStation 3 (PSP3) games without a console
Jan 21, 2015

Samsung Tizen TVs were shown off at CES 2015 and will be hitting various markets soon, possibly even next month, packed full of special features such as Sony's PlayStation Now. This is a service that let's you stream PlayStation 3 (PSP3) titles straight to your Tizen TV without the need of a console, your Tizen TV is the console !!!

The PlayStation Now SmartTV App was demoed on both Sony and Samsung TV (Tizen) sets at CES as they both manufacturers have the app pre-installed. To get your "game on" you will need to connect a Playstation controller via Bluetooth to your Smart TV and then you can access Sony PlayStation's ecosystem of well known game titles such as Super Street Fighter.

Samsung will also be introducing additional gaming features that allow you use your Samsung Tablet to connect with your Samsung TV, and therefore enhance your gaming experience on all Samsung 2015 4K TVs.


Here is a video showing the PlayStation Now SmartTV App in action.


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