[Video] FAST Web Browsing on the Samsung Z1 Smartphone - TIZEN

You want to see fast HTML5 web browsing on the Samsung Z1 ? Click on the link & check out the video showing fast scrolling, rendering, panning, pinch - zoom
Jan 18, 2015

Tizen is a HTML5 centric Operating System and as such embraces and also excels at HTML5 web compatibility. Tizen has consistently performed well in this department and promises to be able to render websites correctly and maintain most of the functionality, even when using it on a mobile device. In fact the browser in the unreleased Samsung SC-03F received a score of 500 out of a total of 555 points on the website HTML5test.com

I think we have had enough talking, so lets see the browser in action on the Samsung Z1 in the video below, which was created by G.Y. Park. He demonstrates some of the features of the web browser on the Z1.

Features Demoed

  • FAST Scrolling
  • Correct Rendering of Webpages
  • Panning around webpages
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Landscape Mode




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