[Video] The first "Ever" Samsung Tizen Z1 Smartphone sold

The Tizen based Samsung Z1 is released and here we have pictures and video of the very first Samsung Z1 to go on sale / sold in India. Click for specs .
Jan 17, 2015

We are excited about the release of the first ever Smartphone that is based on the Tizen OS, the Samsung Z1, and lots of Tizen developers in India are also welcoming the new addition to the Tizen device family.

Our friend Daniel Juyun Seo was in India for the launch of the Z1 and was the lucky first customer to purchase a device at Samsung Smart Cafe in Bangalore (Concepts INC. operates). He captured his buying experience in pictures and a video below.


Samsung Z1 on display







Now is the time that the Samsung Z1 Smartphone is switched on, what a pretty site? Selection for your phones language and date / time.


Initial WiFi Settings


The home screen where most of the action will take place.



Black and white colour side by side






Keep following Team Tizen, more to come.

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