[Video] Tizen TV is Launched with Samsung SUHD Models JS8500, JS9000 and JS9500

We are proud to announce that Samsung have launched their 2015 lineup of Samsung SUHD Tizen based TVs at the Press Event at CES 2015. #TizenTV #Tizen #Tech
Jan 6, 2015

It is with a huge smile that I say Samsung launched their SUHD Lineup of Tizen TVs at the packed Samsung Press Conference at CES 2015. The TVs hold the promise of a superior picture which has 64 times more color expression and will be 2.5 times brighter than conventional TVs. The TV will be running the Tizen OS, which will be optimised for the TV User Interface (UI) making it more responsive compared to previous UIs.






“Our innovative heritage and spirit continue to push the boundaries of the home entertainment experience to new possibilities,” said HS Kim, president of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “Regardless of the content source, Samsung provides the leading picture in the industry and will continue to do so with our SUHD TVs. Consumers can trust that we are more committed than ever to consistently deliver a superior home entertainment experience for years to come.”


You will be able to use Quick Connect which enables the TV to recognise previously paired devices (via Bluetooth) and give the users the ability to transfer the playing of media from one device to the other, a very handy feature that the tech savvy consumer will like.



The actual Tizen TV wasn't put through its paces during the press conference but we will have some videos of it on display shortly. The Samsung Tizen SUHD TVs will be offered in 3 series: JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 – and in nine screen sizes that range from 48” to 88”



Samsung Press Event in Pictures

Here is a gallery of the press event in pictures, well, I mean the Tizen part.


There is lots more to tell so check out out Most seductive TV of all time post and the Tizen TV at the Samsung Press event video below.

TIZEN TV - Samsung Press Conference CES 2015


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