[Application] Link Downloader App for the Tizen Samsung Z1

Link Downloader is a Tizen application for the Samsung Z1 which allows you to batch download all files / images / videos from a webpage! Tizen Store
Feb 20, 2015


Link Downloader

Imagine that you want to download all the images that are available on a remote webpage, then a Batch Media Downloader App would he useful, and that is what Link Downloader let's you do, download them all in one shot.

All you need to do is enter the remote URL and then the application will search it for all downloadable files and grab them all at once.



You can use it for

  • Downloading JPG, png etc. images
  • Downloading pdf, .doc ect. tutorials or documents
  • Downloading mp3 music clips
  • Downloading video files from a remote http/https site.
  • Download a single file if you provide a full URL to it


Link Downloader is now available to download from the Tizen Store

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