[Game] Memory Exercise for Samsung Z1 Tizen Smart Phone

Memory exercise is a game that is available from the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS and helps give your brain a workout. #Tizen #Linux #India
Feb 24, 2015

Memory exercises are great to keep you thinking sharp by giving your brain a little workout. Memory Exercise is tile game that has been designed for players to take turns in playing it. Tiles are laid out in front of you in a grid, face down, and then players take turns flipping pairs of cards over. The objective of the game is to match the pair of tiles in as little time as possible and score highest amount of points! Keep matching and train your brain!

Algorithm for the scoring

  • If user takes less than 1 minutes, Score will be 100/100
  • If user takes less than 1-3 minutes, Score will be 80/100
  • If user takes less than 3-5 minutes, Score will be 60/100
  • If user takes less than 5-7 minutes, Score will be 40/100
  • If user takes less than 7-9 minutes, Score will be 20/100
  • If user takes less than 9-11 minutes, Score will be 0/100


If you user finishes a game then they will get their scores according to time and they have two options.

  1. Restart the game
  2. Goto home page


You can play the game in following formats.

  1. Smileys
  2. Animals
  3. Fruits
  4. Sports


[Game]-Memory-Exercise-Samsung-Z1-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-1 [Game]-Memory-Exercise-Samsung-Z1-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-2

[Game]-Memory-Exercise-Samsung-Z1-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-3 [Game]-Memory-Exercise-Samsung-Z1-SM-Z130H-Tizen-Smart-Phone-4


Memory exercise is available to download for the Samsung Z1 from the Tizen Store.

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