[Hack] Access the Tizen Store with a non-Indian SIM Card for Samsung Z1

Here is a Video showing access to the Tizen Store using a foreign SIM Card from the countries that the Samsung Z1 (SM-Z130H/DS) is currently not on-sale
Feb 24, 2015

The Samsung Z1 is now currently on-sale in two countries, India and Bangladesh, with it becoming available in additional markets in the coming months. Some users who do not live in the markets that the Z1 is currently on-sale have purchased the Z1, but have faced the problem of not being able to access the Tizen Store as it has additional restrictions as noted below:

Tizen Store Access Rules

So to access the store you would probably just need a proxy server and you would be in, right? Wrong. There are some Interesting dynamics used in the Samsung Z1 Smartphone logic to allow access to the Tizen Store.

  • Users are automatically directed to Tizen Store for their country, based on the Mobile Country Code (MCC) of their SIM card, or GeoIP if NO SIM Card is inserted.
  • Once Access has been granted to the Tizen Store based on the SIM card, you can still access the Tizen Store even if the SIM Card is ejected and you are using WiFi.
  • Once Access has been granted to the Tizen Store based on the GeoIP, you can still access the Tizen Store even if your IP address changes to a different country, but NO SIM Card has been inserted.

You can use a Mac and a VPN to access the store.

Accessing the Tizen Store using an allowed SIM Card

As mentioned above you can access the Tizen Store using a SIM Card from a country that has access to the Tizen Store. A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Allowed SIM Card needs to be Inserted in Slot 1 of the dual SIM Smartphone
  • If you allow incoming calls on both numbers simultanelously, this will consume more of your battery



Access was tested using a AirTel SIM Card from India.


Hope you enjoy accessing the Tizen Store.

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