[Hack] Accessing the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS

If you have the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS and can't access the Tizen Store from abroad, then don't worry we have the hack to grant you access #Developer #Linux
Feb 6, 2015

The Tizen based Samsung Z1 has now gone on sale in India, and now has also began its rollout in Bangladesh, but there is one major problem that faces overseas linux enthusiasts / early Tizen adopters that have purchased the Z1, namely being you can only access the Tizen Store using the Samsung Z1 from the country that this product is currently being sold in.

Foreign developers / users want to explore Tizen, to have a real linux based Smartphone at their finger tips and know what all the fuss is about. Some "Companies" however might not however want foreigners snooping around a Tizen Store as some apps might not be localised for other regions or might not have relevant content, but to devs and tech savvy people I think we can accept that understanding and moreover want to be part of a new Tizen ecosystem.

Tizen Store Access Rules

So to access the store you would probably just need a proxy server and you would be in, right? Wrong. There are some Interesting dynamics used in the Samsung Z1 Smartphone logic to allow access to the Tizen Store.

  • Users are automatically directed to Tizen Store for their country, based on the Mobile Country Code (MCC) of their SIM card, or GeoIP if NO SIM Card is inserted.
  • Once Access has been granted to the Tizen Store based on the SIM card, you can still access the Tizen Store even if the SIM Card is ejected and you are using WiFi.
  • Once Access has been granted to the Tizen Store based on the GeoIP, you can still access the Tizen Store even if your IP address changes to a different country, but NO SIM Card has been inserted.


Tizen Store Hack

There are a couple of ways you can by-pass the Tizen Store access rules:

  • Access the store by having a SIM card inserted from a supported country (currently India / Bangladesh) and you can be in a different country using WiFi. I have been told this works but I have not tested currently and this article will be updated when tested.
  • You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to a local India/ Bangladesh VPN server and therefore giving yourself a local IP address, making the Tizen Store servers think you are local.


I have tried various VPN services and hardware combinations which did not work for me, but using a Mac Book and the VPN Service called Hide My Ass, it WORKED !!!! I will show how you can use my setup but there will be other combinations that should work.

Using the Hide My Ass VPN Service on a Mac

In order to use this particular setup you need a Mac machine that has WiFi as well as an Ethernet port so you can route the traffic using Hide My Ass (HMA).


Setup the VPN

  • Sign up for the Hide My Ass VPN Service

    Create a VPN Service

  • Select System preferences
  • Select Network
  • Select the "+" sign to add a new service
  • Change Interface to "VPN" on the new dropbox
  • Select VPN Type L2TP over IPSec
  • In Service Name - Call it what you want ie VPN (L2TP)
  • Select Create
  • Insert server address: for India. Other servers can be found here
  • Account name: {your HMA username created at service sign up}

  • Select Authentication Settings
  • User Authentication, make sure Password is Selected and insert your HMA PPTP & L2TP Password. This is found on their VPN Protocols page.
  • Machine Authentication, make sure Shared Secret is selected and insert HideMyAssas your password (case sensitive)
  • Select Ok
  • Tick the box "Show VPN Status in menu bar"
  • Select Apply

    Use your mac as a WiFi hotspot

  • System Preferences
  • Select Sharing
  • Select Internet Sharing
  • Change "Share your connection from" to VPN (L2TP)
  • Change "To computers using" - Select WiFi

  • Select WiFi options
  • Change your WiFi connection details and password as required
  • Click Ok

  • Activate Internet Sharing by Selecting On
  • Select start to "Are you sure you want to turn on Internet Sharing"

    Access the Tizen Store

  • You will now have a new HMA VPN connection icon in your task menu that you can right click and connect your VPN.
  • Use your Samsung Z1 to connect to your Mac's WiFi
  • Surf the Tizen Store

    Did you successfully access the Tizen Store? Let us know in the comments. If you have any suggestions on other related posts or improvements, then please use our contact us page.

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    3 comments on “[Hack] Accessing the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS”

    1. Not working here.
      Though I have a hma account and am correctly connected to the indian vpn.
      However I had a sim card (not an indian one) already inside and I guess it wrote any localization code into the config which can't be overriden.

      So I am now trying to factory reset the device and see if it makes the tizen store work.

      Keep you updated if it works.

      1. Update: Ok after a factory reset I can now access the store via hma. Thanks for posting this useful hint.
        If anyone wants to know a detailed explaination on how to setup this on linux just ask me. But beware you need a ath9k or 5k supported chip (atheros). Others don't support ap mode and I did not manage to get successful acces with ad-hoc yet.


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