Samsung SUHD 4K TV prices leaked, Not Cheap, No Surprise

Pricing Information for Samsung Tizen based TVs has been leaked for the US market, and it's not too cheap, but then that's no surprise for this display.
Feb 20, 2015

Samsung TVs were unveiled at CES 2015 and we knew they were not going to be too cheap and Samsung did not confirm pricing for various markets, including the US at that point. Well, according to Information leaked by, which is a website that has a good track record of calling these things, the starting price for the lowest specification (non curved TV) is $2,500 for the 48 inch model and $5,999 for the high end 65 Inch model.

The full pricing details are below for the flat and curved TVs:

Model Size Screen Price (US)
UN88JS9500 88-inch Curved $22,999
UN65JS9500 65-inch Curved $5,999
UN65JS9000 65-inch Curved $4,999
UN55JS9000 55-inch Curved $3,999
UN48JS9000 48-inch Curved $3,499
UN65JS8500 65-inch Flat $3,999
UN55JS8500 55-inch Flat $2,999
UN48JS8500 48-inch Flat $2,499


The prices above are UPP, which means that you will more or less pay the same price irrespective of where you buy them from. No confirmation of US release dates at the moment.

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