Samsung Z1 gets a positive reception in Bangladesh, over 20,000 units sold in first week

Samsung Z1 has been on sale in Bangladesh for less than one week and has already seen sales of over 20,000 units as feature phone users come to a smartphone
Feb 12, 2015

The Samsung Z1 was officially announced in Bangladesh a little over a week ago and went on sale on 5 February. This is the second country to see distribution of the Z1, with India being the first launch target a few weeks prior to this.

Mehdi Hassan, the head of Samsung Mobile, said that the Samsung Z1 has been in the market for less than one week and we have already seen sales of over 20,000 units of the Tizen based Smartphone. Fast Web browsing, simple user interface and special premium content has helped appeal to consumers that would traditionally be attracted to feature phones.

According to officials, as Tizen is an Independent Linux based OS, this reduces Samsung's dependance on Google's Android OS. Tizen is not seen to be taking the market by storm at the moment, but merely giving feature phone users an Introduction to Smartphones and also the Tizen ecosystem. This week we have also seen the first TV Ads go live on Bengali TV.

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