Samsung Z1 is now available in Remote Test Lab for US

The Samsung Z1 was released in the Samsung Remote Test Lab shortly after its release. RTL locations were Korea, Poland, India, and the UK. Now the US Joins
Feb 25, 2015

The Samsung Z1 became available in the Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL) shortly after the Z1 was released in India. The RTL is a REAL test lab where developers can remotely access a Smartphone in order to upload and test their Tizen Apps, opposed to running apps in a device emulator, which has its own limitations.


Samsung originally launched the Z1 on the RTL Servers located in Korea, Poland, India and the UK. Now, the US has been added to that list, enabling US developers to be able to access a server that is geographically closer to them and making the process faster.

Could this suggest Samsung has not forgotten about the US market and has Tizen aspirations in Apple's home land?


Time will tell! Head on over to the RTL Site to grab access to a Samsung Z1.

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