Samsung Z1 be released soon in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia

Samsung Z1 will soon be released in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, according to the firm strategy analytics. Featurephone users can switch to a smartphone
Feb 16, 2015

The Samsung Z1 has been released in India and Bangladesh, with sales totalling more than 120,000 in less than a month, since it has been released. Now, According to the firm strategy analytics, Samsung is planning on rolling the Samsung Z1 out to more developing countries over the next few months, including Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

The Z1 is seen as a capable budget smartphone, with speed, stability and long battery life being its key selling points that will appeal to users that traditionally would purchase a feature phone, and who want to make the jump to a full smartphone. With Tizen on-board the Z1 is battling Android One, Firefox and Windows Phone devices.

The report highlights the main problem that Samsung has to address with Tizen at present, which is the relatively small set of Apps currently in the Tizen Store, and once rectified would enable it to be more successful. Samsung could flood the Tizen App store with Android Apps, but it prefers to slowly populate the Store with native Tizen Apps that will offer consumers the best performance in terms of speed and battery consumption.

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