Samsung Z1 is selling well, Is it now time for the Samsung Z2 ?

Following the success of the Samsung Z1 that has been released in India and Bangladesh, we could see the release of a Tizen based Samsung Z2 soon. #Linux
Feb 17, 2015

Samsung has been doing quite well lately with the sales of the Samsung Z1 in India and Bangladesh, the only two countries that it has been released in over the last month, with over 120,000 units sold. Now there are rumours that there might be a Samsung Z2 in the works.

Industry Insiders did confirm a while ago that the Samsung Z1 would possibly not fit well in other markets such as Russia, as our comrades would expect better specifications, but the original Samsung Z would not be considered at the moment as Samsung is still looking at a lower price point. The recently released Tizen SDK 2.3 Rev 2 has support for smartphones with qHD display resolution (540x960), which is different to the Samsung Z1, which further points to the idea of a another Samsung Tizen smartphone coming soon(ish). It is felt that Samsung will add Tizen product variants for different emerging markets, to better cater for specific countries.

Keep tuned to Team Tizen.

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