[Tizen General] [Announcement] New Tizen Tools Version Released (15.01)

A new version of the Tizen development tools has been released, version 15.01, and it includes the following: GBS 0.23.2, MIC 0.24.4, REPA 0.3, REPA 0.3
Feb 27, 2015

A new version of the Tizen development tools has been released, version 15.01, and it is available on download.tizen.org, including the following:

  • GBS 0.23.2
  • MIC 0.24.4
  • REPA 0.3
  • BMAP-TOOLS 3.3



  • GBS 0.23.2 release
  • Fixed get "fallback_to_native" value from non-default gbs configuration
  • Fixed bad indentation from pylint checking
  • Fixed tag mode in test_import script


For detailed information about GBS enhancements, refer to: [GBS Release Notes][1]

MIC 0.24.4 release

  • Generate manifest file to describe image information
  • Modify mount option to support both toybox and busybox
  • Other hot bug fixes

For detailed information, refer to: [MIC Release Notes][2] The latest mic-appliance can be downloaded from http://download.tizen.org/tools/mic-appliance/15.01/

REPA 0.3 release

  • Group: disable publishing when aggregating packages
  • Skip conflicting submissions when creating a group
  • Group: Implemented parallel package aggregating
  • Info: Excluded 'disabled' build status from the list
  • List: Implement --ignore command line option
  • Group: Remove binary package check
  • Implement --noaggregate command line and config option
  • List all projects in submitrequest message
  • Drop 'Commit' keyword from the submitrequest info
  • Reworked repa diff
  • Implement --base option for repa list
  • Pylinted codebase
  • Output SR for rejected/accepted submissions
  • Create_sr: Fix unicode issue

For detailed information, refer to: [repa Release Notes][3]

BMAP-TOOLS 3.3 release

  • Fix rpm dependency issue for Fedora
  • For detailed information, refer to: [bmap-tools Release Notes][4]


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    [4]: http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/RELEASE_NOTES_BMAP-TOOLS.txt
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