[Tutorial] [Video] Understand Tizen and App Development

The Samsung Z1, SDK, Source code have been released for Tizen 2.3, making now the perfect time to start developing your Apps for Multi-Platform Tizen
Feb 17, 2015

Samsung have released a series of videos that will get you familiar with the Open-Sourced Tizen platform. Now that the Tizen 2.3 based Samsung Z1, SDK and Source code have been released, you can get your Apps working on Tizen 2.3 straight away.

Tizen is designed to be a multi-platform Operating System (OS) and is currently available on Mobile, Wearable, TV and soon In-Vehicle Infotainment. Below are a set of Videos that will help you understand this fantastic OS.

Tizen At a Glance

In this video you will be introduced to you what Tizen is, Architecture, Profiles Supported, Application Types, and the newly released Tizen 2.3.


Developing a Tizen App

Now that the Samsung Z1 has been released, this is a perfect time for you to investigate and develop your first Tizen applications. With Tizen 2.3 you will be able to easily customize the User Interface (UI) and start creating Tizen Apps.

Tizen Store Seller Office

Once you have created your App, it's time to get some money from it, and so you will want to submit it to the Tizen Store. You can submit it as a free or paid app that can consist of in-app purchases,” freemium”, and of course the premium app. Remember, once your App has been submitted to the Tizen Store, it could also be available on any future Tizen handsets.


Remote Test Lab and Tizen

Once you have developed your Tizen Application, you can test it out on a real Samsung Z1 Tizen 2.3 device by using the Remote Test Lab (RTL)

Good Luck with your Apps .....


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