[Video] Get to know Samsung's Smart Tizen TV a Little Better

Here is a collection of Videos, thanks to Daniel Juyung Seo, that show you some of the features of the Tizen based Samsung Smart TVs shown off at CES 2015.
Feb 18, 2015

Our friend Daniel Juyung Seo was at CES 2015 and was lucky enough to get the full Tizen TV experience. He was good enough to take some videos for the benefit of the rest of us. We have videos covering Dance TV App / Game, Milk Video, Smart Hub and others.

Tizen TV - Dance with Tizen TV

Do you fancy dancing your way to fitness whilst still having fun? Well Dance with Tizen TV could "Fit" the bill, and it really does look fun. If this is at MWC2015, I'm giving it a go !!!!


Tizen TV - Milk Video

Milk Video is Samsung's video streaming service that promises to provide you video from multiple sources, so you now take less time searching and more time watching.


Tizen TV - About

Using the Interactive remote control you get to the setting at the top of the screen. Left takes you to Audio selection to stream your audio, such as Speakers, Bluetooth, Multi-room. Going to the bottom of the screen gets you to the SmartHub with recent, featured and favourite apps. Navigating right takes you to live TV.



Tizen TV - Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is faster than previous Smart TV Hubs will offer better real time multitasking and a smooth User Interface.


Tizen TV - Ad Video Clip

This is the Ad for the 2015 Samsung Smart TV line-up on a gorgeous 65 Inch Tizen TV.



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