[Application] Calorie Tracker for Samsung Z1 Tizen Smart Phone

Calorie tracker is a Tizen App that helps you log calories consumed in food and also burnt in exercise. It also has a database of Indian dishes #SamsungZ1
Mar 26, 2015

Today we have another Interesting application for you. Calorie Tracker is an app that aims to help you in tracking the calories consumed in meals and also log the calories burnt in exercise. This is the first Tizen app that provides calorie information for Indian dishes, and as we know Indian dishes can contain HUGE amounts of calories.


  • Creating user profile and getting information about daily calorie requirement for the created profile.
  • Calories consumed by the user is calculated based on the quantity of food items consumed by the user.
  • Currently user can choose from about 120+ Indian dishes.
  • Calories burnt by the user is calculated based on the time spent in a particular activity.
  • Summary screen provides the pie chart of calories consumed and burnt for a particular day.
  • User can get details about previous data by using previous/next buttons or by tapping on date text.

    Calorie-Tracker-Application-Tizen-Z1-1 Calorie-Tracker-Application-Tizen-Z1-2


    Calorie-Tracker-Application-Tizen-Z1-3 Calorie-Tracker-Application-Tizen-Z1-4


    This is a web app but it is made using TAU frameworks, so it looks like a native app. The app is available to download from the Tizen Store. Thanks Anup for letting us know about this app.

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