[Application] Latest Truecaller Update brings new features to Tizen


The latest update for the Truecaller application introduces some excellent features. You now have the ability to merge stored contacts from your Tizen phone book and the Truecaller’s directory for unstored contacts: this means only one place for Tizen users to look for their own contacts, and search for new. The new update of Truecaller will also automatically populate unknown numbers in the call logs, so you will always know the history who you called and who called you.


Application-Truecaller-Tizen-Application-2 Application-Truecaller-Tizen-Application


New Features

  • Discover: Discover people you might know!
  • My Spam Filter and Top Spammer lists: Now add and remove spammers from your personal list, and also be automatically protected against your country’s top known spammers.
  • Caller ID: Truecaller will inform you if the caller is in your spam list.
  • Phonebook Contacts: Look organized and updated


Application-Truecaller-Tizen-Application-3 Application-Truecaller-Tizen-Application-4


User badges: You will receive different badges when you have registered your Truecaller profile, Verified your name, become a Premium user, or have been promoted as a Truecaller Brand Ambassador!