[Application] Location Sender for the Samsung Z1 Tizen Smartphone

Location Sender is a Samsung Z1 Tizen app that allows you to send your GPS location to a recipient so they know where you are. Download from the Tizen Store
Mar 9, 2015

I came across this cool application Location Sender for my Samsung Z1. The app will send your GPS location to any mobile number in the world, thereby letting the recipient know your exact location. All you need to do is enter the recipient mobile number and your GPS coordinates will be fired off in a SMS.

Application-Location-Sender-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-1 Application-Location-Sender-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-2


Application Requirements

  • It needs SIM with mobile data available and good to have GPS availability.
  • After launching first launch can take time, please wait if takes time.


Useful info for using app

  • Screen 1 click on Send Now
  • Screen 2 enter the phone number (The number where you want to send the location information)
  • After entering the phone number click on start GPS it will take you to screen 3.
  • Screen 3 click Press to Send at the bottom.
  • Check the mobile number you gave, SMS with the precise GPS info is sent to the number.
  • Clicking on the link in the message you can come to know the exact Location of the sender.
  • Press to Send again will send SMS again.
  • To send it to different number, press BACK key and relaunch the application.


Application-Location-Sender-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-3 Application-Location-Sender-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-4



This app is available in the Tizen Store and is free to download. Get downloading now and let us know how you get on with this app.

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