[Developer] Infraware updating POLARIS App Generator (PAG) to bring Android Apps to Tizen 2.3

Infraware are getting ready to bring more Android applications to the Tizen Samsung Z1, using their POLARIS App Generator service for April 2015 #Linux
Mar 18, 2015

Infraware's POLARIS App Generator (PAG) boasts that it provides "an easy way to port Android apps to Tizen". The Tizen store has Native and HTML5 application, but can also run Android applications, and the current compatible solution is OpenMobile's Android Compatibility Layer (ACL), but Infraware have informed Tizen Experts that they are getting ready to bring Android applications to the Tizen Store using PAG in April 2015 (next month). This means more Android apps will be coming to the Tizen based Samsung Z1.

The Tizen store currently does not contain any Android applications that have been ported to Tizen using PAG, as the current solution is compatible with Tizen 2.2, and the Tizen Store supports Tizen 2.3 apps, but that is about to change as PAG becomes Tizen 2.3 compatible.


PAG works by converting the Android APK, provided by developers, to a Tizen compatible TPK file, which can then be uploaded to the Tizen store and downloaded and installed directly into TIZEN devices and will run the same as any native TIZEN app.


Benefits of POLARISĀ® App Generator Service

Infraware are busy with their technical update and also preparing a new business model for customers to use the PAG service on a low price or potentially free. The company also believes that the performance of many Tizen apps using PAG service is better than the apps using rival solutions, and also the success rate of converting to Tizen is almost 90%. The service will not only include Tizen phones, but also Tizen IoT devices.

Benefits include

  1. Cost - Reduce cost dramatically in order to both develop and launch Tizen application using POLARIS App Generator
  2. Performance - Provide the highest performance for Android Apps running on Tizen and Tizen IoT devices
  3. Time - Reduce development lead time and therefore bring apps to market at the correct time
  4. Consulting - Provide prompt and stable technical support to developers and development companies


You can find a more detailed Introduction about the PAG service at


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