Fleksy for Gear S

The guys over at Fleksy have been working hard for a while on getting the Fleksy keyboard available and running on the Samsung Gear S and have now silently released it whilst we have been distracted by Mobile World Congress.

The Fleksy Gear S keyboard is now available as a system wide keyboard and not only as a text messaging option which was it previously was. Unfortunately the Gear 2 will have to wait for a System wide Fleksy implementation as this functionality hasn’t been introduced yet.

fleksy gear s app download now available

Activate Fleksy

  • Download the App from the Samsung Gear App Store
  • On the Gear S
    • Select Settings
    • Select Language and Input
    • Select Select Keyboard
    • Select Fleksy
  • Swipe down 4 times on the watch face to return to the home screen

The Fleksy keyboard is immediately available to download from the Gear App Store.