Samsung named as the #1 Smartwatch vendor

Samsung has been named as the number one Smartwatch vendor by an Analyst firm. Samsung has spear-headed Smartwatch development with their Tizen based Gear..
Mar 12, 2015

There is lots of over-hype about the Apple watch following the Apple event, but like many other Linux enthusiasts, I couldn't care less. According to the analyst firm Statista, Samsung is the number one vendor for Smartwatches.

Samsung has spear-headed Smartwatch development with their Gear line up of watches, with the Samsung Gear S being the latest and very much the greatest of them, getting them 17.65% market share with 1.2 million units sold in 2014. Next on the horizon might be the Orbis Tizen smartwatch, but there are no release details at present.

Infographic: Samsung Leads The Smartwatch Market | Statista
Above chart is from statista.

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