Tizen at Mobile World Congress 2015 #MWC15

It's great to see Tizen at Mobile World Congress 2015 with Tizen devices for users to get their hands on and also see Tizen Association partners #TizenMWC15
Mar 3, 2015

Tizen at Mobile World Congress

This years Mobile World Congress saw a new Tizen Booth, located at Booth #8.1 H65 if your in the vicinity, showing off our beloved Tizen Operating System (OS). We have tables full of Tizen devices and also what appears to be a mini house assembled to one side, a very cool addition indeed, but we will talk more about that later.

Samsung Z1 at mobile world congress 2015

Tables are laid out with different Tizen devices. The Samsung Z1, the first Tizen based smartphone currently released in India and Bangladesh, was available for visitors to try, with most wanting to learn the basics of what Tizen is and what this device had to offer. The Z1 has sold over 200,000 units from updated figures, and we still hope for more countries to offer Tizen based Smartphones in the coming months.

Samsung NX1 at mobile world congress 2015

We have a table with the Samsung NX300M, the first Tizen based Smartcamera that was announced, and the current Tizen flagship the Pro / Semi-Pro Samsung NX1, and also the Gear 2 Smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S at mobile world congress 2015

Wearable devices and ecosystem are strategically important for Samsung and Tizen, so there is a table dedicated to the Gear S. Unfortunately we did not have a new Samsung Tizen Smartwatch announced as was hoped, but the Gear S is still a very capable device to spearhead the wearable Tizen charge.

Samsung are building on the ecosystem with important apps being added daily. The aim of this app ecosystem is not to try playing the numbers game, but more making sure their are useful and functional apps that populate the Tizen store.

Tizen Association Partners

The Tizen Association has invited some of its partners to showcase their apps / services.

  • AppbackR – Demoing their IoT App Index platform, which analyses apps and provides you with Information on the apps behaviour, performance and security
  • Fleksy – Demoing the much awaited Fleksy keyboard running on the Samsung Gear S
  • HERE – HERE Maps navigation app on the Gear S with some new features that are not available on the currently released Gear S app
  • Intel – Showing off Open Interconnect Consortium (IOC) and IoTivity implementation using a MinnowBoard MAX
  • Marmalade – Marmalade will be releasing a newer version of their SDK that will be compatible with Tizen 2.3 and enable developers to target Tizen devices like the Samsung Z1
  • News Republic – The improved News app on the Gear S
  • RealVNC – Demoing their VNC Automotive, smartphone integration, embedded connectivity solution
  • Samsung
    • Smart home with the Smart Things platform.
    • Tizen ecosystem - The app ecosystem is an Important part of Tizen with useful and functional apps being added to the Tizen store
    • Remote Test Lab (RTL). The RTL has been setup for developers to be able to remotely access and control REAL devices. Recently we have also had US servers brought online
  • Symphony Teleca – Demoing the Jamundo music playing app
  • Vicomtech – Demoing Driver Drowsiness Detection and Advanced Driver Assistance System on Tizen IVI
  • Zenrin – 3D navigation system running on Tizen IVI NexCom 1010, boasting quite impressive rendering speeds. The User Interface currently uses OpenGL, but will swap to WebGL as it is now supported, and with this move they can potentially release a Smartphone Z1 version if their is enough market demand for this to happen.


More posts coming soon, but here are some pictures from the event to keep you going.


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