The following is a video recorded at FOSDEM 2015, entitled Porting Tizen Common to open source hardware devices, presented by Philippe Coval and Leon Anavi, in which it Introduces you to the Tizen platform development and provides you the technical details with regards to the Tizen:Common porting efforts to Allwinner A10/A20, Rockchip RK3188/RK3288 ARM SoC and MinnowBoard MAX with Intel Atom CPU. The Tizen Project will be discussed and information provided about U-Boot, Yocto project, the Linux-Sunxi and Linux-Rockchip, Minnowboard communities.

You will be shown the process of porting Tizen:Common to open source hardware developer boards with SoC boards manufactured by Allwinner, Rockchip or Intel such as OLinuXino, Radxa Rock, Minnowboard.


The video is licensed under the creative commons attribution 2.0 belgium license (CC BY 2.0 BE)

You can also download the slides for the presentation here.