Will Samsung Wave Bada smartphones get an upgrade to Tizen?

Is the existing Samsung Wave series of Bada Smartphones (1, 2, 3) getting an update to the Tizen OS? Some pictures suggest that the port is near.
Mar 6, 2015

One of the most common questions that we were asked in the early days of Tizen was "When will existing Bada phones be updated to Tizen?". Users of the Samsung Wave series of Smartphones that run Bada where particularly Interested to know the answer to this question.

Well according to a Korean website, the Samsung Wave 3 could have Tizen coming to it, and has pictures of the Korean version of the Samsung Wave 3 SHW-M410 with the Tizen splash screen!

Samsung-Wave3-Bada-Tizen-OS-Korea (4) Samsung-Wave3-Bada-Tizen-OS-Korea (2)

There is no official confirmation of the Tizen OS coming to the Wave series of handsets, so it is thought that this is a community port of the Operating System. If you know more about these portential Tizen ports, then please let know via our contact us page.

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