[Application] Application SecretVault Samsung Z1 Tizen Smart Phone

Samsung Z1 SecretVault App allows you to hide your pictures, Videos, Audios, and any other files that you want to keep private. Download from Tizen Store.
Apr 9, 2015

Have you ever passed your phone to someone for them to use, only to see them going through your private pictures? This is something that seems more common in the Indian sub-continent and it is VERY annoying. To the rescue we have the SecretVault App that allows you to easily hide your pictures, Videos, Audios, and any other files that you do not want others to see.

The promise of the app is that it will keep your privacy absolutely safe as it creates a separate vault / secret space where you are able to import all your private images and videos. This space is only accessible after you enter your Pass Code.

Application-SecretVault-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-4 Application-SecretVault-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-3


Application-SecretVault-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-2 Application-SecretVault-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-1


SecretVault is available to Install on your Samsung Z1 from the Tizen Store.

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