[Application] ShareNote for Samsung Z1 Tizen SmartPhone

Share Note is an application that can help you store, manage and share information on your Samsung Z1 Tizen Smartphone. Store anything that comes to mind.
Apr 15, 2015



ShareNote is an app that lets you easily store all the information that you might need as go by your day-to-day business. anything that comes to mind can be easily stored for future retrival

You can create your own categories with the ability to manage and share your notes as required


Application-Share-Note-for-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-2 Application-Share-Note-for-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-1


Application-Share-Note-for-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-4 Application-Share-Note-for-Samsung-Z1-Tizen-Smart-Phone-3


The App is available to download for your Samsung Z1 from the Tizen Store.

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