[Application] Whatsapp Voice Calls now Live for the Tizen Samsung Z1

WhatsApp voice calling feature has now gone live for Tizen Samsung Z1 users. You need to get the latest update for the app from the Tizen Store 2.12.10
Apr 1, 2015

WhatsApp Messenger has been updated to version 2.12.10 (released 31 March 2015) on the Tizen Store, and brings with it the ability to make WhatsApp voice calls. This feature went live for Android users yesterday and it's great to see Tizen Samsung Z1 users also getting access this so fast. After the update users are now presented with three Tabs for Calls, Contacts, and Contacts.

Application-Whatsapp-calling-available-Samsung-Z1-4 Application-Whatsapp-calling-available-Samsung-Z1-3


Application-Whatsapp-calling-available-Samsung-Z1-1 Application-Whatsapp-calling-available-Samsung-Z1-2


Manual Update

You should get a notification to update your WhatsApp application, but if you don't then do the following to manually check and update:

  • Launch the Tizen Store
  • Select APPS at the top left
  • Select My Apps
  • Select WhatsApp (under updates)
  • Select Update


Users in both India and Bangladesh (the countries that the Z1 is on-sale) have confirmed the can access the update. How are you finding the Calling feature? Let us know in the comments.

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14 comments on “[Application] Whatsapp Voice Calls now Live for the Tizen Samsung Z1”

  1. Just curious did someone check this news at all? Call goes through external speaker in any way.

    1. yes...because this has been ported from iPhone whatsapp, which yet to have whatsapp call feature.

        1. Yea bro ACL based was android ported.

          I thought you were talking about the new native Whatsapp.

  2. Presently samsung tizen doesnt support voice calling in whatsapp. Version available at tizen store is still 2.11.18. Version shown above i.e.2.12 is not available anywhere

  3. There is no update as such. I dont know from where you got those screenshots. if you have any helpful information then please post it.


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