Bootable Image for Tizen on Raspberry PI 2 released

A Bootable image for Tizen on the Raspberry PI 2 developer board has now become available to download. Get downloading and get flashing now!
Apr 23, 2015

Following on from yesterdays news that you can get Tizen running on Raspberry PI 2, today the good guys at the Samsung Open Source Group have made available a bootable Tizen image Tizen for the Raspberry Pi 2, ready for you to download and flash a Micro SD Card with.



You can download the Tizen Image from here.

Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded the above image, you can write it to a Micro SD Card with the following commands:

NOTE: Be careful about changing the parameters below, as you may destroy your local hard disk drive if done incorrectly.

dd if=tizen.rpi-sdimg.XXXX-XX-XX of=/dev/sdc bs=128M && sync

Change the entry for if= to your local copy of the Tizen image.
Change the entry for of= to the sd card attached to your computer.

Once completed your RPi2 will be able to boot from the Micro SD card.

Reference Links

Tizen Image Download
Additional information

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