Developers like to tinker and to explore tech boundaries, surely that must the reason that XDA developer biktor_gj has ported Android Wear to the Samsung Gear 2? This is a work in progress at this stage as it only boots into the OS with little functionality at the moment and no download currently available.

Developer-Android-Wear-Running-Samsung-Gear-2-1 Developer-Android-Wear-Running-Samsung-Gear-2-3

This move will be good for users that value the Google Android offering, but we are Tizen Experts don’t find Android Wear that appealing (what a shocker), as the OS isn’t that interesting and you don’t get the benefit of standalone apps as well as taking a hit in the battery department. This work will not benefit anyone wanting Android Wear on the Gear S as there are different CPUs, so all work would have to be done from scratch for it.