[Developer] Webinar - Contributing to the Tizen Community

Webinar - Tizen is an Open Source Linux project and therefore we encourage developers to join and contribute to the Tizen project and the Tizen Community.
Apr 16, 2015


Contributing to the Tizen Community

Tizen is an Open Source Linux project and therefore we encourage developers to join and contribute to the Tizen project and the Tizen Community, and to show you how Philippe Coval has created a webinar session. You can see the Tizen development process and what can be done with Tizen community repos. Learn how packaging is done with Tizen development tools such as git & gerrit and also find out about the duties of maintainers including how to track and maintain your patches.


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2 comments on “[Developer] Webinar - Contributing to the Tizen Community”

  1. How about you, @Samsung, give a helping hand to dozens of talented developers at XDA and elsewhere to enable porting Tizen 3.0 to your older handsets. That means helping with kernel forward-porting, bootloader support and such. Enabling tizen porting, starting from a working cyanogenmod build of some kind (like ubuntu touch/phone had a while back) would be nice.
    Support a community port of Tizen to galaxy (mini, tab) 2, 3, 4.. and you'll see a surge in adoption and developer count going up.

    1. Just 7yrs ago Samsung was not even mentioned in the Open Source community except in relationship with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) campuses world wide. But now Samsung is in the Top 5 Contributors to the Open Source Community even over heavyweights IBM and Google now! ......they donate more code both to the Linux Kernel itself and also offer huge grants for Open Source Projects in major Universities from M.I.T. to Stanford to Manchester U where Graphene was discovered!

      But..... perhaps the biggest reason few are aware of what Samsung donates and does for the Open Source Community, is because in the Korean Society it's considered arrogant to do so. Yet the proof is everywhere from file systems to (F2FS) to working and giving to such projects as W3C Open Standards. Which only Tizen is totally based on HTML5 Web Widgets as their language and application base inside of Tizen itself. Which is also the only OS being fully promoted by the "Linux Foundation" itself!!! 😀


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